Stereotactic Biopsy Report

I received the particulars of the Biopsy report EXCEPT for the prognostic marker studies. Here are the particulars:

“Well-differentiated infiltrating mammary carcinoma with focal tubular features.”

Researching this at Johns Hopkins, I found the following:

“well-differentiated” means this is not an aggressive cancer – good news!

“infiltrating mammary carcinoma” means even though it is not aggressive, there’s always a possibility that it could spread.  BUT,  I am feeling lucky and know that it won’t!

“focal tubular features” is a particular type of the well-differentiated aspect with a good prognosis.

This is good news!!

Tomorrow, I will find out the prognostic markers and what they mean and then Wednesday, will see the Oncologist who will explain this in more depth to me.



Thoughts on this?

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