Sleepless with my Fears

insomnia-womanI’ve been upbeat about this whole episode in my life, honestly, my attitude is that I have already won, I just need to inform the enemy that he’s already dead. So… it’s like clean-up.  But, I’m really, really tired because my brain just won’t shut off when it’s bed time.

To this point, there was so much to think about, finding good doctors, forcing my doctor to refer me to these doctors that are not part of his hospital system, researching my health insurance plan to be sure that these doctors are within my insurance network.  Obtaining imaging CDs and reports, only to find that the Breast Center had duplicated one of the CDs and I’m missing one report dating back to 2009.  I don’t think I’m going to bother with that one because it had been declared normal and healthy.

sleep-18I think I’ll sleep very well tonight, knowing that I’ve got 2 appointments confirmed.  I know those could change if the pathology report comes back really bad and I need to get in to see the Surgeon sooner than 2 weeks from now.   At that, I don’t know how much of a wait there will be after I get in to see her!

Meanwhile, tomorrow, my husband is taking me grocery shopping,  something we have NEVER done together! I am making a menu and grocery list for meals that I am going to cook in advance and freeze so that no one has to worry about making dinners.



Thoughts on this?

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