Confirmation and Planning

No appointments, nothing scheduled other than searching local hospitals and surgeons and their reputations.  That’s an overwhelming task, but, I had no other choice, I was determined to NOT use the “house” surgeon.  By 8:30 a.m., my husband phoned to tell me that he had a “lead.”  A fellow with whom he works, knows a woman, a close friend of his wife’s, who had breast cancer last year.  Kevin offered to get all of the doctors’ names and phone numbers for me.  He further explained that Nicole, the breast cancer survivor, was a very credible, upstanding, intelligent, successful woman and did her own in-depth research before choosing her doctors.  My husband took the information and called me to explain that she will be expecting my call.

When I tried phoning, her line was busy.  A few minutes later, she called me.  Cassie told me as much as she knew about Nicole’s journey adding that she had asked Nicole if it would be alright for me to phone her if I had any more questions.  Of course, Nicole said she would gladly answer any questions I might have.  And Cassie gave me the names of Nicole’s Breast Surgeon, Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon.

I tried phoning Nicole, but there was no answer, I left a voice message and returned to my computer to research the names of the doctors which Cassie had given to me.  WOW!  I was impressed!


9:00 a.m., I phoned our family doctor’s office to see if they could refer me to doctors who are not a part of their hospital system.  The scheduler told me that they don’t like to do that.  She asked why I didn’t like the surgeon that they had and I said that I wasn’t impressed with her credentials.  Nothing was accomplished with this phone call.

9:15 a.m., my family doctor phoned me, with a shaky voice, he told me that he had bad news.  I stopped him mid-sentence and said that I knew and asked for particulars about the cancer.  He explained that they did not yet have the pathology report but the biopsy doctor phoned my doctor, telling him that I need to see a Surgeon and Oncologist.  He was going to transfer me to his scheduler, when I stopped him again, telling him that I didn’t want the doctor at Saints, I wanted different doctors.  He was fine with that and told the scheduling girl to do what I wanted.  WHEW!

2:00 or 3:00 p.m., the Oncology doctor’s office phoned to schedule an appointment for next Wednesday, June 26th.  Whew!  One down, one to go.

3:30 p.m. I took it upon my self to phone the breast surgeon’s office to expedite my appointment scheduling.  The girl who answered was ‘new’ and couldn’t help me but promised that the nurse would phone me back that day.  Never happened.


Thoughts on this?

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