Ready, Set, Worry

stereotacticBiopThe Stereotactic biopsy was performed.  If anyone wants to know or see exactly how the procedure is performed, YouTube has an excellent video of it here:

After the procedure, the attending doctor told me that he is certain this is cancer.  He said that my primary care doctor would receive the reports by Monday, June 24th and that my family doctor should call me with the results to schedule a lumpectomy.  He stressed that if I didn’t hear from my family doctor early Monday morning, I would need to phone them for the results.  His attitude was very, very emphatic!

I was also given after-care instructions to apply an ice pack to the area for 15 min. on and 15 min. off throughout the rest of the day and not to lift anything other than the television remote control!  “Just sit and watch t.v.!”  So, I did kind of…
I thought that I might be able to expedite things, so I phoned my family doctor’s office to speak with the scheduling nurse.  My intention was to ask her if she could start the scheduling already.  I know, I know, that’s impossible without the biopsy and pathology report, but, I tried anyway.  Of course, what I was asking was impossible, so I asked the nurse if she could give me the names of the Breast Surgeons that are part of their hospital network.  She gave me the name of one.  This whole hospital system only had ONE breast surgeon!  I wrote down the name and began my research.

I did not like the fact that there was only one breast surgeon and no other choice/option. The breast surgeon did not have outstanding credentials nor experience.  I was adamant that I would research and find the best doctors, but how could I do that with my limited local-people-networking???  That’s when I really started to worry.


Thoughts on this?

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