Four Star Treasure

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Local Woman Finds Treasure in Flower Bed

With summer right around the corner and our temperatures already skyrocketing into the nineties, many of us choose to do our gardening in early morning hours, before the sun reaches scorching temperatures. That is what a local woman was doing when she got the surprise of her life!

“I was digging, pulling the old bushes out of my front flower bed, I wanted a total makeover,” retired accountant, Swoosieque said, “suddenly, my shovel struck something that sounded like metal. I really didn’t think much of it, I thought it was just another rock.”

She continued digging to remove the ‘rock’ only to discover it was not a rock. She unearthed the corner of what looked like a metal box, “When I saw that it was some kind of box, I became excited, like a little kid and had to keep digging, wondering what was inside!”

Laying the box on the ground, she feared opening it to find bones of a dead family pet, she braced herself as she pried open the box and found family heirlooms.

GrandmasJewelry“It looked like costume jewelry that my mother would have worn back in the 40’s and 50’s,” Swoosie said, “I couldn’t figure out why it would have been buried, unless children were playing a game, like, ‘find the treasure chest’ and then forgot about it.”

With the help of WSWEET TV and the Sweet Town Herald, Que was able to locate the family who owned the jewelry. “Yeah,” Que said, “I talked with the oldest son and he said it was just as I suspected, a game of ‘find the treasure chest’. I guess their mother was really angry with them when they couldn’t find where they had buried the ‘treasure’.”

The family, who requested their names be withheld, were glad to retrieve the sentimental trinkets that belonged to their mother, who passed on five years ago.



4 responses to “Four Star Treasure

  1. How nice that you tracked down the owners. Most people would not have bothered.

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  2. Actually, I didn’t contact newspaper or television stations, I knew the people who had lived in the house before us, the original owners, so, tracking down was easy. It was really fun!
    I remember playing ‘buried treasure’ when I was a kid and never found the stuff I buried. Never will – they made a parking lot out of the home in which I grew up. 😀


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